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    Closing rate
    is the spot exchange rate at the end of the reporting period.

    Exchange difference
    is the difference resulting from translating a given number of units of one currency into another currency at different exchange rates.

    Exchange rate
    is the ratio of exchange for two currencies.

    Fair value
    is the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date.

    Foreign currency
    is a currency other than the functional currency of the entity.

    Foreign operation
    is an entity that is a subsidiary, associate, joint arrangement or branch of a reporting entity, the activities of which are based or conducted in a country or currency other than those of the reporting entity.

    Functional currency

    is the currency of the primary economic environment in which the entity operates.

    is a parent and all its subsidiaries.

    Monetary items
    are units of currency held and assets and liabilities to be received or paid in a fixed or determinable number of units of currency.

    Net investment in a foreign operation
    is the amount of the reporting entity’s interest in the net assets of that operation.

    Presentation currency
    is the currency in which the financial statements are presented.

    Spot exchange rate
    is the exchange rate for immediate delivery.