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    Volunteering is commonly viewed as a noble action only done by advocates. But, in actuality, people of all ages and backgrounds are actively volunteering in their chosen communities. Whether its big or small, volunteerism has many perks!

    Meeting new people
    Volunteering is a platform where you can meet new people every single day! Unlike your previous schools and current workplace, volunteer organizations are meeting places for diversity. You can meet people from all different walks of life in these volunteer organizations. Not only can you learn from their diverse share of experiences, they can also connect you with significant people in their circle.

    But, it is not just about meeting new people. It is also about improving your people’s skills! In volunteering, teamplay is required. Volunteering is an act that can’t be done alone; you will need to work with others to truly make an impact in the community. In this kind of environment, your communication and social skills will be put to the test. And that’s a good thing – especially for those who are looking to improve these skills. 

    Gaining more experiences
    Volunteering exposes you to a whole lot of experiences that you will never learn in an academic or career setting. In classrooms, you are taught of theories, concepts, and probabilities that are assumed to be true in real-life settings. But through volunteering, you get to verify if those theories, concepts, and probabilities are indeed true. What’s more, you can actually put your underused skills into action!

    For example, Jill, a student volunteer, had been taught to play the piano and the flute for a decade. But, it had never been put to good use until she volunteered. Now, she uses her talents to play in concerts for senior citizens.

    Advancing your career
    In so many ways, volunteering can actually advance your career. For most young adults, they are still in the stage of exploration. They are looking to expand their skills, gain experiences, and discover new career options. Some young adults may feel constricted in workplaces, so they turn to volunteer.

    “Volunteering offers you the chance to try out a new career without making a long-term commitment,” says Jeanne Segal and Lawrence Robinson. For example, if you are interested in animal welfare, you might want to try volunteering in animal shelters or veterinary clinics. In this way, you can explore your interests and discover career choices with little to no experience and short-time commitment.

    Making life more meaningful
    For people who feel like something is missing in their lives, volunteering may be able to fill that hole. Volunteering allows you to create healthier communities and improve people’s lives. Moreover, it allows you to counteract stress and increase self-confidence. But, most importantly, it allows you to find a sense of purpose in life.

     So, if you are looking to find a new direction in life, go and start volunteering! You never know,  helping other people might actually be your calling.

    Contributed by: Allison Julianne Macasaet, a freelance writer on the side, a student of international relations on the other. Interests include fantasy books, international relations, and lifestyle.