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    By Arnel Legaspi Jr.
    Top 21, October 2018 Batch
    Magna Cum Laude, Colegio de San Juan de Letran- Manila

    The words you will see below all came from an ordinary person who always try to be extraordinary. There is no way to compress one’s life experiences in a few paragraph-article, but I am hoping to somehow share lights of inspiration to all of you. Enjoy reading!

    You have to learn the art of setting goals. Top the boards, pass the exam. Nail that subject. Get that perfect quiz score. I know behind all these is your desire to put smiles on your loved ones’ faces.  It all starts with dreaming. Know where you are headed to so you don’t get lost. Acknowledge the fact that your CPA journey will never be an easy road. You may fail and stumble along the way, but never ever lose track of your goal.

    You are the captain of your ship. Of all people, you are the one who should know what you are capable of. Know your weaknesses, no matter how little they are, and act upon them. Lazy? Start to develop your study habit! Write down your goals for the day, the chapters to read, the questions to answer, and you accomplish them. Track your growth for it will make you realize that you are more than capable. Tick those boxes, list those scores, mark those pages!

    You don’t have to be rude of yourself. Look for your strengths and use them to your benefit. Channel your energy to those things that may help you achieve success. Do you love novels? Maybe Valix is a good read.

    I would not suggest an absolute study schedule here. Remember to study smart, not hard, for what we look for is the quality of learning, not amount of time you spent. If you think your “mind works best in the morning”, then take that opportunity to study those subjects you are weak at, or that require heavier mental work, in the morning.

    To win the game, it is either you defend yourself or you attack your enemies, or both. But isn’t it better to have your foes by your side? You hate FAR, and hate AFAR more. Then AUD and MAS came into the picture and you get helpless. TAX and LAW are on their way. The golden rule here is: Never ever hate your enemies! Feed them! Love them! Show them your care. I, personally, treat TAX as the most difficult subject. I used to hate it before until I realized that hating won’t help. I started to give TAX my focus. I read books, and showed much effort. It worked for me! LAW became my lowest in the boards. Haha.

    I am not going to compare Sci-cal and the regular one here. It is a well-known thing that you need help. Your professors and reviewers are there. Your classmates, friends, co-reviewees are there. Learn to ask for help. There is an unwritten rule called 33%. It says one-third of the people around you are those below your level. They are the ones who need your help. Another one-third are your peers. You share the same world. The last part are your mentors. Those who are above you. Learn from them.

    As you take your CPA journey, acknowledge the fact that there are things beyond your control. Lightning might strike you tomorrow on your way to school. The best move is to set boundaries, those within your reach. You give it all, your effort, time, money, lost opportunities, everything. You study, you practice. You wake up an hour early than normal. After all these things, you just need to put trust in the process. More importantly, we give trust to Our Lord. We surrender our worries, our doubts, our shortcomings. Just a reminder that He is the ultimate goal. We all give glory back to Him!

     Godbless, CPAs in Progress!

  • Reynaaa of Western Institute of Technology

    Thank you for an encouragement and tips. Its inspiring though!

  • mabeeeng_cpa of SMMC

    marami pong salamat dito :))